How Many People Work for Amazon? Amazon’s Global Workforce by the Numbers

Amazon is known as a global tech giant. From delivery stations to voice assistants, Amazon Fresh to physical stores—not to mention millions of Amazon Web Services-hosted sites—there is no denying that Amazon has become a part of daily life for most Americans.

But how many people work for Amazon and do all that work—and what do we know about their lives? Let’s dive into statistics about the Amazon workforce.

Amazon employees in 2021 totaled 1,608,000 worldwide, almost double 2019’s numbers (798,000). 

In this guide, we’ll also explore other facts and statistics about Amazon employees: How many workers there are, and more in-depth information about their Career Day numbers, certifications, education, changes since 2020, and more.

Top Ten Statistics (Editor's Picks)

  1. Amazon’s 2022 annual worldwide employee count was 1,541,000
  2. Employee gender: 44.8% of Amazon employees are women and 55.2% men 
  3. Employee ethnicity: 30.2of Amazon employees are White. 23.6of Amazon employees are Hispanic or Latino. 28.2of Amazon employees are Black or African American. 33.5% of senior leaders are minorities
  4. The average Amazon worker made $64,805 in 2023
  5. Employees stayed with Amazon for 2.7 years on average
  6. Serious injuries at Amazon’s warehouses in 2020 numbered nearly twice as many as that of other American warehouses
  7. Amazon reports receiving over 18 applications per minute on its Career Day  
  8. The average pay range for Amazon employees is around $31.16 per hour
  9. 27% of Amazon workers have a Bachelor’s degree
  10. Under 4% of Amazon employees have a Master’s degree, and just 0.3% have a Doctorate

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How Many Jobs has Amazon Created?

In reaction to the 2020 pandemic, Amazon made its biggest investment: over $167 billion for infrastructure and employee pay, all to meet the demands of lockdown. This led to more than 400,000 new jobs in America alone, with every new hire making at least $15 per hour, which remains twice the federal minimum wage in the United States.

Key Statistics:

  • Between 2010-2020, Amazon created more jobs than any other company: 950,000
  • Just looking at 2020 alone, Amazon created an average of 1,000 jobs per day in the US
  • Amazon created 500,000 new jobs worldwide in 2020
  • Amazon added 300,000 more employees to its global workforce in 2021

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How Many Applicants does Amazon Get in a Year?

While Amazon does not publish annual applicant data, Amazon Career Days are known to attract massive attention from job seekers. Worldwide, Amazon is one of the most popular employers, not least because of the sheer number and diverse spectrum of jobs it offers and promotes.

Key Statistics:

  • On Amazon Career Day in 2021, more than 1 million people applied for Amazon jobs
  • Amazon reports receiving over 18 applications per minute during their 2021 Career Day

Sources: AmazonAmazon 

Average Age of Amazon Employee

Most tech giants say the average age of their employees is in the late 30s, but at Amazon, the average employee is much younger: more than half of Amazon employees are between 20 and 30 years of age. For comparison, Oracle and HP have a median age of 39, with IBM coming up behind at 38.

Key statistics:

  • Median age of employees at Amazon is 31. 
  • 1% of employees are under 18, the least common age range.
  • Top five companies with the youngest employees:
    • AOL, median age 27
    • Facebook, median age 28
    • LinkedIn and Salesforce, median age 29
    • Google, median age 30

Most Common Certification among Amazon Employees

Many people in the Amazon workforce get certified to perform their jobs—most often as a CNA, or Certified Nurse Assistant. According to the company, Amazon provides funding after 90 days of employment in the Career Choice program. Employees can pursue a GED, Bachelor’s degree, or English as a Second Language proficiency or even more specialized fields of study like aircraft mechanics and medical billing.

Key statistics:

  • 15% of Amazon employees are Certified Nurse Assistants
  • The top five employee certifications at Amazon are: 
    • Certified Nurse Assistant 
    • Medical Assistant or phlebotomist 
    • CPR 
    • Generator Technician
    • Commercial Driver License

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Median Amazon Employee Education Level

While Amazon hires many employees with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, the majority entry-level fulfillment center and warehouse positions put the average level of education at high school for Amazon workers, with 39% of employees holding a high school diploma as their highest level of education.

Key statistics:

  • 16% of Amazon employees hold an Associate’s degree 
  • 27% of Amazon workers have a Bachelor’s degree
  • Under 4% of Amazon employees have a Master’s degree 
  • Just 0.3 % have a Doctorate
  • 24% of Amazon workers who attended college majored in Business

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Most Common Location for Amazon Employees

Amazon employs more than 950,000 workers in the United States. With a workforce that large, the company has also made significant infrastructure investments in cities that host their largest offices. Seattle, Washington, is the most common location for Amazon workers, with 8,545 employees. In the past decade, Amazon has spent over $129 billion in Washington state alone.

Key statistics:

  • The top five locations for Amazon workers are: 
    • Seattle, WA (8,545) 
    • New York, NY (2,702)  
    • Austin, TX (1,594) 
    • Denver, CO (816) 
    • Dallas, TX (795) 

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Employee Satisfaction Rating for Amazon

Although Amazon has come under fire for harsh working conditions at some of its warehouses, the company still has a relatively high employee satisfaction rating. 74% of 25,000 current and former employees surveyed say they would recommend Amazon to a friend.

Amazon workers at the senior level say that the 401(k), insurance, and time off are all equal to or better than at comparable companies. Many salaried workers bring up benefits as contributing greatly to their overall compensation—and the Monday breakfast bar doesn’t hurt, either.

Key statistics:

  • Current and former employees give the company a Glassdoor rating of 3.7 of 5
  • Amazon had a 3.4 rating in 2015, but it rose in 2018 to an above-average rating, 3.8, for October of that year

Amazon Employee Salary by Level

Compensation packages for Amazon employees vary widely. Bonuses and other incentive pay can double the base salary in some cases. While the average total compensation for an Amazon worker is $117,000, that’s heavily weighted toward the higher salary levels, which can reach $1 million or more.

Key statistics:

  • Employees at the lowest Amazon level, Level 1, earn between $29,000 and $44,000 per year 
  • Amazon Level 4 averages $166,000 on salary and requires three years of experience
  • A Level 5 salary may be $200,000 and requires 3-10 years of experience
  • Level 7 pay starts at $300,000 and could be up to $638,000 per year. Usually internal hires, these are workers with ten years of experience or more
  • The minimum salary for Amazon level 8 is over $600,000 annually—these jobs are director, senior, or manager-level

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What Is the Average Annual Salary For Amazon Employees?

The average Amazon salaried worker made $64,805 in 2021. In the second quarter of 2022 alone, Amazon made $121.2 billion and peaked in 2021 at $469.8 billion in 2021. Peak revenue to date was in 2020, at $386.1 billion—putting Amazon’s current annual revenue per employee ratio at $292,178.

Key statistics:

  • The overall Amazon pay rate averages $49,979, or $24 per hour
  • Top five states by average Amazon salary:
    • Tennessee ($54,742) 
    • Hawaii ($53,530) 
    • Minnesota ($53,075) 
    • Massachusetts ($52,761) 
    • Nevada ($52,508) 
  • Bottom five states by average Amazon salary:
    • New Mexico ($39,232) 
    • Alabama ($38,470) 
    • Florida ($37,719) 
    • North Carolina ($37,437) 
    • Georgia ($35,439) 

Average Employee Tenure at Amazon

Amazon’s attrition rate gets a lot of attention, and the global company has had issues with employee retention, especially in warehouses and entry-level positions. American workers still average a tenure of about four years at Amazon.

How many people work for Amazon, and how long do they stay? As of March 2018, Amazon had increased its total headcount by 60% year-over-year. The average tenure is naturally going to be shorter because the staff simply hasn’t been around as long. But it doesn’t explain Amazon’s high attrition rate, which we can also examine by the numbers.

Key statistics:

  • Employees stay with Amazon for 2.7 years on average 
  • The average Amazon warehouse worker quits within just eight months 
  • This is only 1/6th the average tenure for all American workers
  • One year is still half the average among Amazon’s peers
  • The rate of serious injuries at Amazon’s warehouses in 2020 was nearly twice that of other American warehouses


How many people work for Amazon? 2022’s annual worldwide employee count was 1,541,000, and Amazon creates at least 1,000 jobs per day. The average pay range for Amazon employees is around $31 per hour, higher than expected but weighted towards the more high-paying jobs. 

Amazon received a staggering 18 applications per minute during Amazon Career Day. Still, the most surprising statistic we found is that serious injuries at Amazon’s warehouses occurred almost twice as often as in other American warehouses in 2022. Perhaps this explains Amazon’s high attrition rate: eight months’ total tenure for the average Amazon warehouse worker.

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