Case Study: Vision Care

Where We Started

We were approached by this leading Vision Care brand who were new to dealing with Amazon directly and needed support and guidance on how to tackle the challenges it presented… They are now a dominant player who boast over 70% market share in the UK.

Until this point, they were reliant on a large network of retailers to sell across the various online marketplaces in the UK (including Amazon). This approach was causing multiple inconsistencies on Amazon which included:

  • Duplicate product listings
  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Inconsistent branding
  • Non-compliant EU stock being sold on the UK platform

The Strategy

There were multiple projects running in parallel to help get this brand in an optimised position on Amazon, which included:

  • Identifying the core range and ensuring they were properly merchandised and fully optimised from both a content and SEO perspective
  • Ensuring products were linked to the brands which they were registered for (A challenging task when 3P sellers had set up the products originally)
  • Merging or removing any products outside of the core range by utilising brand registry and making hundreds of test purchases
  • Aligning advertising with SEO whilst also setting up brand defence campaigns to ensure customers searching for this brand, purchased this brand
  • Creating a bespoke weekly report to track progress across all key work flows and demonstrating the improvements we were making each week
  • Forecasting on a weekly basis to ensure availability of key lines

How It’s Going

By focussing our approach on a core range and eliminating non-compliant listings from Amazon, we were able to create the perfect environment for scaling the business significantly:

  • Tripled Sales Year on Year
  • Increased profitability
  • Growth in market share on Amazon by over 30% (whilst increasing average order value)
  • Removed over 100 non-compliant listings that were diluting sales from the core range
  • Created a best-in-class brand experience Amazon customers


We’re excited to continue scaling this brand, our next steps include expanding the portfolio and replicating our UK success in other countries!


“Richard and the Push-Pull team have been instrumental in developing our business on Amazon. They began to add value to from day one of being onboarded, with the recommended changes to our listings having an immediate impact in terms of conversion and glance views. Their full-service flexible approach in supporting us across commercial, advertising and operations enables us to leverage their expertise across multiple departments. Push-Pull quickly optimised and grew our account, and we are looking forward to continued exponential growth with them.”

Let us supercharge your existing Amazon team, or be it!